Studies show parents who receive professional training see improved behavior in their children. Moms and dads can personally experience a greater sense of mental health and well-being as well. Participating in training can give children a greater chance of success throughout the program. The need for consistency — like, recreating the same positive reinforcement techniques as a child’s therapist — is integral to enhance desired behaviors and focus on their strengths. When caregivers are not aligned with the tools being taught, a child may learn to correct behaviors during therapy sessions, but revert to former actions when with guardians who don’t implement the correct tools.

This training is unique for each parent and child’s needs. Some examples of caregiver help include: reinforcing healthy mealtime habits, identifying and making accommodations at home and collaborating with school staff effectively.

“We have seen huge improvements in the language, communication, and behavior of our sons. Our entire family loves Melissa and her staff. They understand that we are a whole family unit; we often joke that they are another member of our family.” – Tina, parent

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